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Three residents were arrested on charges of running a dental and beauty clinic without a license

As part of the efforts of the Criminal Security Sector to arrest violators and outlaws, the General Department of Criminal Investigation was able to arrest 6 people on charges of practicing the medical profession without a license.

ضمن جهود قطاع الأمن الجنائي في ضبط المخالفين والخارجين عن القانون، تمكنت الإدارة العامة للمباحث الجنائية من ضبط 6 أشخاص بتهمة مزاولة مهنة الطب من غير ترخيص.

Through daily activity and intensified search and investigation operations, the Department of Public Morals Protection discovered the existence of a residence being exploited by a female resident to practice the medical profession without a license, a “dental and beauty clinic for women.” After obtaining the necessary legal permission, it was seized, and two people of the same nationality assisted it, and it was found. Medical tools for a dental clinic and cosmetic injections. She reported that she practices dental and skin cosmetic treatment and beautification without a medical license or certificate.

The Capital Governorate Investigation Department also managed to arrest 3 people in various regions and found in their possession a large quantity of medicines for the purpose of selling, and they were practicing the medical profession without a license in exchange for sums of money. They and the seized items are being referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against them.



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