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United Nations: Gaza faces imminent famine due to the food blockade and health crises

In a statement issued by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Habresius, Director-General of the World Health Organization, the state of humanitarian emergency in the Gaza Strip was affirmed, noting that the population is suffering from imminent famine as a result of the permanent blockade imposed by Israel and the deteriorating health and economic conditions.

الدكتور تيدروس أدهانوم حبريسيوس مدير منظمه الصحة العالمية
الدكتور تيدروس أدهانوم حبريسيوس مدير منظمه الصحة العالمية

The statement indicated that an increasing percentage of children suffer from malnutrition, reaching 16% in the northern Gaza Strip.

The statement also spoke about the difficult conditions faced by the Palestinian population under the siege, where obtaining food is a major challenge, and many are forced to reduce their daily meals to ensure the provision of food for children. Due to malnutrition and lack of adequate health care, children face serious health risks that threaten their lives.

In an effort to alleviate the crisis, WHO has supported the establishment of two treatment centers for children with acute malnutrition in Gaza, and is providing training for health workers to recognize and treat the symptoms of malnutrition. Despite the efforts made, access to affected areas and safe delivery of aid remains a major challenge.

Finally, the statement called for opening more land crossings and facilitating the distribution of humanitarian aid, and urged WHO member states to cooperate in order to find immediate solutions to this worsening humanitarian crisis.



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