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“Video” Ronaldo knocks out a photographer in Saudi Arabia with a stray kick

رونالدو يطيح بمصور في السعودية بركلة طائشة

In a funny shot in the Saudi League, a powerful shot by Al-Nasr star Cristiano Ronaldo hit the head of one of the photographers behind the goal, who staggered and almost lost his balance from the force of the blow.

During Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia’s match with Al-Raed, Ronaldo executed a free kick that missed the goal, but hit hard in the head of the person responsible for filming the crane behind the goal.

The photographer staggered slightly before letting go of the crane, due to the strong blow, after which a number of workers at the stadium rushed to him.

The shot was documented by a fan behind the goal with his smartphone camera, and it spread widely on social media.

Ronaldo shined during his team's match against Al-Raed on Saturday evening, and scored a goal with great skill, during the match that ended with a score of 3-1 in favor of Al-Nasr.



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