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Within the 19th Asian Games...the Kuwaiti handball team wins over its Iranian counterpart (24-22)

The Kuwaiti handball team defeated its Iranian counterpart today, Friday, with a score of (24-22) in the first group matches of the second round of the 19th Asian Games held in China.

فاز منتخب الكويت لكرة اليد اليوم الجمعة على نظيره الايراني بنتيجة (24-22) في أولى مباريات المجموعة الاولى من الدور الثاني ضمن منافسات دورة الالعاب الآسيوية ال19 المقامة في الصين.

The Blue Hand achieved two important points after a difficult match against the Iranian team due to the close level and great competition in the match, as the first half ended in a draw (10-10), taking a step forward in the path to qualifying for the semi-finals.

The Kuwaiti national team came in the first group of the second round, along with the teams of Iran, Bahrain and South Korea, with the first and second places qualifying for the semi-finals.

The national team will play its next match against its South Korean counterpart tomorrow, Saturday, while it faces its Bahraini counterpart the day after tomorrow, Sunday.



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