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WUC and ETESA, who really cares about Uyghur Muslims?

Written by: Khalil Al-Khanini

(Political analyst and social activist)

At present, the living conditions of the global Uyghur community remain in distress,

The suffering of the Uyghur people in terms of culture, religion, national identity and other aspects has not stopped.

However, in such a special period, the leaders of the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) blindly turned the spear towards their colleagues,

Blindly compared to other East Turkestan organizations, they consumed limited energy and funds to satisfy their own vanity.

For the vast Uyghur ethnic group, undertaking so-called ethnic activities at this stage is meaningless.

As is well known, the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) and the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association (ETESA) currently enjoy wide scope and influence among global East Turkestan organizations.

However, under a series of self-directed and self-implemented actions by the WUC, ETESA was greatly affected.

In November 2022, on the eve of the International Uyghur Forum held in Belgium, Dolkun Isa, Chairman of the WUC,

Concerned that Hidayatullah Oguzan would steal the spotlight at the meeting, using his connections in Europe to slander “ETESA” and its leaders for their involvement with terrorist forces,

This caused difficulties in the visa application and other processes, resulting in ETESA leaders not attending the meeting on time.

During the meeting, Dolkun Isa met privately with leaders of the National Vision Organization and other Turkish organizations, and bragged about the achievements of the “WUC” in recent years,

He claimed that “WUC” is the only East Turkestan organization that can represent the Uyghurs in the world, and distorted the image of “ETESA”,

He deliberately caused problems for Hidayatullah Oguzan with his words and actions.

In addition, during the youth training course and the so-called “Uyghur Week” event held by “WUC” in Sweden in April 2023,

Dolkun Isa, his aides and employees ostensibly conducted lobbying activities to get the Swedish political community to listen to the Uyghur issue.

But in fact, their focus on this trip to Sweden was to weaken the influence of “ETESA” in Sweden.

As known, for many years, the Swedish Uyghur Education Association united under “ETESA” and led the local Uyghur people to actively carry out ethnic appeal activities,

But the effectiveness of the activities of the Swedish Uyghur Association within the framework of the “WUC” is very weak. Therefore, the leaders of the “WUC” in Sweden remain vulgar,

They constantly defend their alleged achievements in recent years,

Claiming that the Swedish Uyghur Association under “WUC” is the only organization in East Turkestan that can represent local Uyghurs,

They ask the Swedish political community to contact and communicate only with the Swedish Uyghur Association on future issues related to East Turkestan.

Nowadays, the Uyghur ethnic group is going through a very difficult period.

Whether it is “WUC” or “ETESA”, only by doing practical things can they live up to the high expectations of their people.

It is understood that Dolkun Issa has repeatedly publicly mocked ETESA leaders,

Saying that they have no culture, they are burrs, and they cannot do practical things.

Perhaps the leaders of “ETESA” are not as knowledgeable as “WUC” in terms of knowledge,

But they are much stronger in terms of religious beliefs and moral character than the WUC leaders because they do not promote themselves by defaming their fellow people.

Therefore, when WUC leaders came to the Netherlands to raise money to buy office buildings, the European Education Association under ETESA ignored the injustices of the past and treated them warmly,

She mobilized the Uyghur community in the Netherlands to donate in the name of the organization to purchase their office buildings.

In recent years, ETESA leaders have solved the naturalization problem in Turkey for many Uyghurs,

They solved the problems of medical treatment and child registration for those Uyghur families who had no income.

On the other hand, in Germany, many Uyghurs have applied for political asylum,

Some of them have not been able to naturalize for nearly a decade. However ,

Leaders like Dolkun Isa have not met them or understood the difficulties they face, nor have they communicated with German government leaders on the issue of naturalizing the Uyghur people.

Many things are meaningless to anyone who speaks out loud, and those who speak falsely will inevitably be criticized by people.



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