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The German Chancellor's eye patch sparks a lot of ridicule on the Internet

رقعة عين المستشار الألماني تثير سخرية كبيرة على الإنترنت

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz posted a photo of himself on Monday wearing an eye patch after he was injured in the face while running, sparking a torrent of jokes that compared his appearance to a pirate.

Schulz suffered a minor injury after falling while jogging over the weekend, which forced him to cancel some appointments.

The advisor posted a picture on the X platform (formerly Twitter), in which he appears wearing a large black patch over his right eye, with red marks of some scratches above the eyelid.

According to the French newspaper, Schulz wrote on his official account, “Thank you for your good wishes. The situation in the picture appears worse than it is in reality.”

"I'm excited to see the 'sarcastic' memes online," he added.

Indeed, many memes spread across the Internet inspired by the image of the German Chancellor, as many likened him to a pirate.

One meme showed Schulz as a cartoon pirate wearing an eyepatch and waving a sword, while another showed him as a pirate behind the wheel of a ship, wearing a skull-and-crossbones hat and carrying a sword.

There were also several messages wishing him a speedy recovery, as his tweets garnered tens of thousands of likes and comments.

His spokesman Stephen Hebstreit said that despite the injury, Schulz, who has been running regularly for years, is in good condition.



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